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Bulletproof vest

Bulletproof vests are an essential part of the equipment for security forces, military personnel and anyone who works or is in dangerous environments. They provide life-saving protection against gunshot wounds and are crucial for safety in high-risk situations. In our online shop you can buy a wide range of bulletproof vests that use the latest technology and materials to ensure optimal protection.

Below we will inform you about the most important points that you should know before buying a bulletproof vest .

Wearing a bulletproof vest: The legal situation

Bulletproof vests are legal and, according to the Weapons Act, are not weapons but protective equipment. Every German citizen is entitled to purchase and wear this form of protection, provided it is CE certified. Age plays a minor role. Wearing a bulletproof vest is also permitted in Germany, but it may not be worn at demonstrations or other public events. If you wear a bulletproof vest at a demonstration, for example, you are violating the Assembly Act.

According to Section 17a of the Assembly Act, , it is forbidden to carry protective weapons or objects that are suitable as protective weapons and to ward off enforcement measures by a person with sovereign powers in the open air, at parades or other public events or on the way there.

This law implies that protective weapons may not be carried at demonstrations and meetings. Protective weapons are passive weapons that are intended solely for the protection of people. This also includes protective vests. They can prevent authorities from taking action. This means that a bulletproof vest would prevent the police from shooting a citizen with a firearm in an emergency.

Advantages of bulletproof vests

Bulletproof vests are essential equipment for people who need maximum safety in dangerous situations. These vests provide critical protection against gunshot wounds by absorbing and mitigating the force of bullets. They are available in different protection classes to meet different threat levels. Their flexibility allows the wearer to move freely, which is essential in critical situations. Bulletproof vests are therefore an essential personal safety investment for security personnel, law enforcement agencies and civilians working in high-risk environments.

Bullet-resistant vests: These are the protection classes (SK1 to SK4)

Bulletproof vests are classified by protection classes that define the level of protection they offer. The classification ranges from SK1 to SK4. SK1 offers protection against low-penetration handguns, such as pistols and revolvers. SK2 and SK3 offer increased protection against more powerful handguns and rifles. SK4, the highest protection class, is designed to offer protection against heavy rifles and high-velocity projectiles. This classification helps users select the right vest for their specific needs and risk situations.

PE1000 vest and co.: These materials are used

There are several materials used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests that are known for their resistance to firearms. PE1000, a popular material, is known for its high strength and light weight. It offers effective protection while being flexible and comfortable to wear. Other materials such as polyamide (nylon) and Dyneema offer similar properties and are also commonly used in bulletproof vests. These materials are critical to the effectiveness of the vests and help to minimize the risk of firearm injuries.

Construction of a bulletproof vest: soft ballistics vs. hard ballistics

The construction of a bulletproof vest can be divided into two main categories: soft ballistic and hard ballistic. Soft ballistic vests consist of layers of high-strength fibers (e.g. PE1000) that absorb and disperse the energy of a bullet to protect the body. They are lighter and more flexible, but offer less protection against high-velocity bullets. Hard ballistic vests, on the other hand, contain hard plates made of ceramic, steel or polyethylene in addition to the soft ballistic materials, which offer a higher level of protection but are heavier and less flexible.

What are the disadvantages and limitations of ballistic protective vests

Despite their life-saving potential, ballistic vests also have disadvantages and limitations. They add weight, which is particularly noticeable when worn for long periods of time. This can limit mobility and lead to fatigue. They also do not provide complete protection; certain areas of the body remain unprotected. Ballistic vests can also be uncomfortable in extreme temperatures and are not always suitable for covert use as they can be visible and conspicuous. It is important to consider these factors when choosing a body armor.

Buy ballistic vest now in our online shop

You can now buy your ballistic vest in our online shop. We offer a variety of models and sizes to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your needs. Our vests are made of high-quality materials and offer optimal protection. Benefit from our user-friendly ordering system, fast shipping and secure payment methods. Whether you want to buy a Kevlar vest or another type of ballistic protective vest, we have the right solution for you. Order now and ensure your optimal protection with our high-quality protective vests.

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